Errors after server reboot

Emiliano Tosi 7 years ago updated by Nguyen 7 years ago 3
After a reboot I'm not yet able to modify bugs or other items, I receive a message with " an unexpected error has ... " Ca n not modify or save things ...
Under review
Hi Tosi,

After we investigated the log, the issue may be the root cause when MyCollab local server can not contact the remote server to check whether there is the new MyCollab updates. A possible root cause is your local server may drop the internet for a while during the application checks the update. You should upgrade to the latest MyCollab version is 5.1.3 at https://community.mycollab.com/download/, the detailed info at here https://www.mycollab.com/mycollab-just-got-better-the-new-kanban-board-gantt-chart-and-more/

Upgrade MyCollab is simple, you can read the step here https://community.mycollab.com/upgrade/ . For short help, you just do the same steps of installation, copy the old config file or make the configuration again with the same database. The new version may fix the reported issue. Thank you

Hai Nguyen
We regularly update MyCollab per 2-3 weeks. From this MyCollab version which has more reliable upgrade process, then you can use auto-upgrade process when there is new MyCollab version. We tested it well many times on various platforms, of course there is still have some issue on the specific clients but the database is never corrupted by the upgrade proccess.