Change domain in a local installation

Emiliano Tosi 7 years ago updated by Nguyen 7 years ago 3

I changed the domain name of my website now I would like to reach mycollab with a new name

I registered a A record in to my dns, this have benn good for the login (now it works) but when I choose a project I'm redirect in to the dashboard with the old website name and nothing works more. Can you help me ?

Best Regards


Hi Tosi,

You go to $MYCOLLAB_HOME/conf where MyCOLLAB_HOME is the folder of MyCollab installation and edit the file mycollab.properties. Find the key server.address=<your new server address> and edit the value point to the new name.

After that restart the server, and the change is affected.


Hai Nguyen

Have done, but does not work.

The entry in the file is ok, stopped the window with the server running and restarted with the startup.bat file but does not work.

I can login but when I click on a project I'm redirected on to a wrong address (the old one)

Just for sure, you restart MyCollab by click shutdown.bat then startup.bat. Some of our customers still keep the old process and click the startup script run another MyCollab process but not successful.

If the problem still be persisted, could you send the your site address and a guest account for testing to hainguyen@mycollab.com or ping a message to my skype esofthead.

Hai Nguyen