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Andrew Hughes 7 years ago updated by Nguyen 7 years ago 2

We are evaluating a few PM software and were wanting to know the difference in the free and the clouded edition. One thing we found is while working with the Open Source version we have determined that project tasks do not have decencies which when the timeline changes everything underneath that depends on each other did not change which is what we must have as projects get pushed back sometimes.

Please contact me asap about your product so we can determine if it's the best fit for our corporation. Also your contact form does not work in Google Chrome!

Andrew Hughes
Under review
Thank you for using our service. There are several differences between the Open source and closed source product, you can see it here https://community.mycollab.com/editions/. From the project management perspective, here are they keys of premium edition compare with open source:

  • Time tracking only be presented in the premium edition
  • Risk, problem management only be presented in the premium edition
  • The speed of the premium product is faster. It does not mean we make open source edition is slower, but in the premium edition we apply several cache techniques to reduce the queries number to database. From our real experience, this criteria is not the critical factor while we do not receive any complaint about the performance in the open source edition
  • Support, and customize within one business day while open source users submit to the forum. The real fact is we also support any requests in the forum within 1 business day but for the bug fixes we will submit to GitHub and we only distribute the build after we achieve the milestone, we do not have any hot-fix for open source edition.
As our further discussion in our email thread, the new release with your request should be presented within the next 2 months. in the community edition.