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links redirect to blank

bhenriques 7 years ago updated by Nguyen 6 years ago 8

I'm using community edition on windows for a couple of weeks now.

I'm overall satisfied with th software but there's something really annoying, wich I think it's a bug.

A lot of links are bronken and redirect to blan pages.

Some examples are:

- Link to project page on home page;
- Link to task detal - to view a task, I have to select Edit in context menu and then Save.
- Link to subtask;
- many many others.

I'm using version 5.1.2.

Thanks in advance

Under review
Could you please add my skype esofthead to discuss more detail your issue. Probably the issue is similar than http://support.mycollab.com/topic/926233-errors-after-server-reboot/# but I need to check your case specific since we operate MyCollab cloud edition, and if this issue happen then it is the big issue for us already. Thank you

Hai Nguyen
You should install the new MyCollab 5.1.3 since the MyCollab 5.1.2 may cause some issues when your internet connection is not stable because it checks our server whether there is the new version. And if it can not connect to the server then it may make broken to the login users.

If the problem still is persisted, you can contact me via my email hainguyen@mycollab.com or my skype esofthead, we will work to you to make sure this issue is gone. Thank you
HI I added you to skype.

I tried to install versions 5.1.3 - downloaded from mycollab website - but it went from 5.1.2 to 5.1.0 .

It's weird but that's what happened.
Thank you. Let discuss with me via Skype to see the issue at your end :). It is the faster communication channel :)

Hai Nguyen
It is not a bug, but we will update the installation wizard to help users avoid the mistake for add extra port value in the server address. Thank you for reporting the potential user guide issue to us

Hai Nguyen

Hi Hai,

I'm having this same problem on Community Edition 5.4.3. Could you post what the solution was? Occassionally the links to my projects work, but for the most part they redirect to a blank page.


Hi Chris,

The most issue rely on the the server port and server address of the MyCollab. Check the server address at mycollab.properties in %MYCOLLAB_HOME%/conf and make sure this value is the IP or name of your server. This value excludes the port value.