Will MyCollab work with MSSQL or Oracle ? Or only work with MySQL

Thun9er 6 years ago updated by Nguyen 6 years ago 1

Hi , folks . We want to deploy MyCollab in our server , but our DB is MSSQL and Oracle , Any suggestions ? Thanks



MyCollab does not use the clear abstract layer that is transparent with any database vendor but we use the pure SQL statements to keep the application's performance is great. There are several statements need to be rewritten for database vendors such as MSSQL or Oracle though the effort should not be much since we do not use any store procedure but only pure SQL. In the near future, we may wish to support PostgreSQL or HSQL (embedded mode) but not others due to our limited efforts. If you want to use MyCollab with MSSQL or Oracle, you can sponsor to our development effort by submitting a case at https://www.mycollab.com/contact or try to install MySQL for the most economic solution :).


Hai Nguyen