MyCollab should support drag and drop tasks, milestones

Oled 7 years ago updated by Nguyen 7 years ago 5
Hi team,

I tried MyCollab for a while. In general, it works great but I do think you can make it better by support drag and drop features while users change status of tasks. For instance, I would love to change the status of milestone from 'In Progress' to 'Closed', I need to edit the milestone and change status from 'In Progress' to 'Closed', save and it is effected. I think you guy can do better by allowing users can drag the milestone from column 'In Progress' to column "Closed" and the new status of milestone is saved.

In addition, do you guys support Google Drive integration, my company uses Google Drive a lot, and it would be great if we can use Google Drive in our projects.

Thank you for your great works!

Under review
Thank you for your recommendation. Actually, one of the notable features of the MyCollab product will be the Karban model. And your suggestion aligns with our goal in the near future. We will keep your post about this change in the next update of MyCollab cloud service.

Google Drive integration also one of our tasks as well. However, we are developing a generic solution not only for Google Drive, Dropbox but other social media integration, it takes time more than just keep Google Drive integrate with MyCollab well. Please stay tune :)

Hai Nguyen
Hi Oleg, the new MyCollab has supported this feature as request ! Thank you for your continuous support us and enjoy MyCollab :)

Hai Nguyen