RTL language support

yuvalqen 7 years ago updated by Nguyen 7 years ago 4
Hi MyCollab team,

I've had a look at the project you've built and I am impressed.

I am looking for such a solution that would support Latin languages as well as RTL (Hebrew in my case). I don't mind contributing the Hebrew translation on my own but I am wondering how much work would be needed besides the translation itself.

More specifically:
Does MyCollab support an RTL interface?
If not, is it built on a grid system that would be relatively easy to invert?

Thanks in advance,
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Hi Yuval,
Thank you for using MyCollab. Regarding your request, I am afraid that there is no simple solution to support RTL interface. MyCollab UI is developed base on Vaadin framework and until now it has not supported RTL language yet. And if we do by ourselves, it also takes much effort as well. For translating to any LTR language, it is very simple because we support globalization in native.

Best regards,
Hai Nguyen
Thanks for the quick reply!

I am not familiar with Vaadin but from what I read it supports a standard HTML grid system. Would MyCollab be able to support an alternative set of HTML templates for RTL languages if I were to develop something like that?
Do you change templates a lot these days which would make for a lot of maintenance? Or is this a safe way to go about it?
Do you have an estimate for the number of non-admin screens that there are in MyCollab?

Thanks a lot!

This ticket states that Vaadin does not support RTL language well https://dev.vaadin.com/ticket/3093 . We are not familiar with RTL display as well, but regarding your questions let me share the UI architect of MyCollab.

MyCollab uses Vaadin as its UI framework, and most of our UI is written in Java, and Vaadin/GWT translates our Java source codes into HTML files. The MyCollab theme is mainly base on our custom SCSS files, and Vaadin styles. So relate things belong to the native Vaadin, we depend on level Vaadin support. Because we can control the layout of MyCollab so I think we can adjust MyCollab to support RTL language but it is not an easy task, and it requires the support of language expertise like you.

MyCollab also maintains several HTML template files for sending email, and they are pure HTML so I think the support for RTL could be easier than above part.

If you think MyCollab is the good solution for the project management, then you could contact us for the premium service to enhance MyCollab support the RTL via the link https://www.mycollab.com/contact/ . Thank you.

Best regards,
Hai Nguyen