Unable to install mycollab on windows

Mav 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 3
Good day
Im having trouble in installing mycollab on my windows computer im having error on 'mycollab.qrtz_cron_triggers' doesn't exist and after that this line appears

05:59:20,775 ERROR c.e.m.s.InstallationServlet:146 - Error while set up MyCollab
Under review
I am sorry for this confusion. We uploaded the wrong build and we did correct, but it seems Sourceforge still cache it in some data centers so some users have this issue. Instead to fix this issue by uploading the old installer and change the different file name to let Sourceforge recognize it is the new file, we are in time to release the new version and it has many new features. I will share the link and close this thread when we done today.
Hi Mav,

You should download the latest MyCollab version is 5.2.0 at https://community.mycollab.com/download/. We just released the new version and it includes many new features. I hope you will love it.

Hai Nguyen

Hi Hainguyen

Thanks for the update