HTTP ERROR: 503 Problem accessing /. Reason: Service Unavailable :

syed57shah 6 years ago updated by Nguyen 6 years ago 6
I am getting this error when i trying to access, site used to go down always i used to open execute.jar and runner.jar file but now the service is down. How to fix this issue.
Thanks in advance
Under review
Could you please run MyCollab by invoke startup.sh (on MacOS/Unix) or startup.bat (on Windows)?

Hai Nguyen
2015-07-09 23:10:13,875 - Velocimacro : VM addition rejected : selectExpr : inline not allowed to replace existing VM
I am getting this thing logged into the velocity.log file
Could you run MyCollab well ? We will clean this issue as well while this issue is not harmful
yes I have scheduled a task which triggers not just on startup for every 2 hours, as I found out site was going down for every 2-3 hours. I have installed MyCollab on a server, server hardly gets restarted.
Hi, We have released the new MyCollab 5.1.0 version. This version should have the better UI, high performance than any previous versions. Could you please download and check whether the issue is resolved at your side? Thank you

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Hai Nguyen