Problem installing MyCollab omn windows

bhenriques 6 years ago updated by Nguyen 6 years ago 10

I'm trying to install Mycollab 5.1.0 Community edition in a Windows 8 machine,

Installed Mycollab without any erros, followed by Mysql and Java.

I changed the port to 8084 and ran startup.bat but when I try to open http://localhost:8084 i get the erro that the page does not exist.

Also if i run netstat -a I don´t see any servisse running on that port.

Any ideas on this?

thanks in advance.
Under review
This issue is raised from the previous version of MyCollab. It should be already fixed. My team will verify it again, and you please to check it in the latest MyCollab version. Thank you.

Hai Nguyen
Will be answered
I downloaded version 5.1.2 but it does not install /replace old files.

Is there a way to uninstall previous version? It does not appear on control panel to uninstall.
You can go to $MyCOLLAB_HOME/Uninstaller then click uninstaller.jar then it will remove the old version :)
Hi, when i run uninstaller.jar nothing happens.

I have the lattest version of java iinstalled
Hum, you simply remove the entire MyCollab folder. We do not (and always do not) write anything into the window registries so delete folder is also the safe method as well.
This issue is resolved from MyCollab 5.1.1, we have tested on MyCollab 5.1.2 and it worked

Thank you for your help.

I managed to reinstall MyCollab and now it's working.

Besides reinstalling, I Had to repare Java installation
Glad to have the MyCollab works for you. We will prepare to release the new MyCollab on the next week and it is even better. It will reduce several common installation problems feedbacks from our customers like this thread.