Change name of mycollab website?

Mandy 6 years ago updated by Nguyen 6 years ago 2
Hi There,

I just signed up for MyCollab.com. Is it possible to change the name of the website? I really stupidly gave it a name relevant to a single project: https://chem_mentoring.mycollab.com/. I would prefer to change it to something like https://chem_projects.mycollab.com/.

Under review
Hi Mandy,
You can do that from now. We have just updated the site, and MyCollab users can change the subdomain to any name they want if this name are available to use. See this link to get how to do http://support.mycollab.com/topic/788156-how-can-i-can-change-subdomain-of-my-app/.

Hai Nguyen