Valid phone number

eg 4 years ago updated by Nguyen 4 years ago 2

at creating a account or contact the system will not accpet the entered phone number due no vailditiy... how should the format look like?

example german number: +49 8031 123456



We do not treat phone number is the crucial information as we understand there are many phone formats across countries, since this is what we have not implemented yet https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_conventions_for_writing_telephone_numbers . Now, the valid phone number is:

* Value has 10 digit numbers

* Value has 10 digits with format ddd-ddd-dddd

* Value has 10 digits and extension ddd-ddd-dddd (ext)ddd: For example: 123-123-1234 ext123 is a valid phone number

It is not correct in all cases, a least for your country? In the next version which will be released in the next 2-3 days, we will cover the phone number match with all internalization numbers. But now, please accept above format for a temporary solution.


Hai Nguyen

Or we will simply ignore the phone validation and leave to the end users because the above validation does not match with all countries

Hai Nguyen