Missing or empty @LocaleData annotation in enum type error

Geetha Raju 4 years ago updated by Nguyen 4 years ago 6

I have MyCollab 5.3.3 version source code, trying to set up using https://community.mycollab.com/docs/developing-mycollab/setup-mycollab-projects-with-intellij-ide/.

But getting below error

error: Missing or empty @LocaleData annotation in enum type [com.esofthead.mycollab.module.user.accountsettings.localization.AdminI18nEnum]. See http://cal10n.qos.ch/codes.html#missingLDAnnotation



We custom the Cal10n library to dynamically loading languages and auto detect the localization changes recently so you should disable the annotation processor

We will update the development guide as well. Thank you for finding.

Thanks for such a quick response, you guys are rocking.

Getting compile error finding this class com.esofthead.mycollab.module.project.domain.criteria.FollowingTicketSearchCriteria.

Few classes are referencing this which the most recent code from GitHub has missed out.

Does this look correct?

Not sure the IntelliJ version, and scala version you are using but it seems it is too old. My scala plugin has version 3.6 when yours has version 0.4.