MyCollab starting but port not listening

jpichardo 4 years ago updated by Nguyen 4 years ago 1

Hi, I've the MyCollab directory on C:\, I followed the mysql and java instructions, but when I try to run mycollab5.exe or startup.bat or mycollab.bat I get the following

Using MYCOLLAB_HOME: "C:\MyCollab-5.4.0"

And when I try to open localhost:8080, it says Unable to Connect, so I ran netstat -a and there is nothing running on port 8080.



You should run the Windows Command Prompt, and go to "C:\MyCollab-5.4.0\bin", and then MyCollab script

startup.bat. The MyCollab will run in the command prompt, and it will show the error message if any. Then we can diagnose the issue by posting this issue in this thread.

My idea is the problem may come from the Java, or it is not installed or MyCollab seeked an used Java 7 or below.