Unicode Problem(Korean) on exporting

drgblue 4 years ago updated by Nguyen 4 years ago 3

Hello, I have been using MyCollab for about 2 weeks now in South Korea.

This is very helpful to manage my small team which have only 2 coworkers to track all tasks that needs to be followed up.

I am hosting a weekly meeting with the task list to track which task is done and planned for next week and current "open tasks" exporting with excel file is okay.(I am not sure why but PDF and CSV does show all broken characters for Korean 2byte characters.)

But when I export "all tasks" including closed tasks, when I export it, I cannot open it from excel program.

I have been using 5.3.4 Community Edition and just upgraded to 5.4.0 Community Edition but the symptom is same.

Could anyone help to resolve this issue?

If I cannot export "all tasks", I cannot track closed issues every week.

By the way, I am using MS Office 2007 version for your reference.

Will be answered

Hi Drgblue,

The pdf only works well with Western languages only, the language has 1 byte character. But we expect the CSV, and Excel should work in all cases.

Do you mind if you send me the excel file which is exported from MyCollab? You can give me only one line of task which content the unicode issue. My email is hainguyen@mycollab.com

We will try to fix this issue for your team as soon as possible while we will release the new version at this weekend



I have tested again on MyCollab 5.4, and there is no issue of displaying Korean characters in CSV, or excel format. In case not having a sample test data, I closed this issue, and you can reopen this issue again if needed.