Not a bug

Can't click certain items

massaki_a 4 years ago updated by Nguyen 4 years ago 6

I can't click some options in my local installation, for example i can't click in tickets status in order to change it, the mouse cursor doesn't even change.

But i've tested in the online trial and works ok.

Any idea how to solve this?

Not a bug

Sorry but this feature is presented on the cloud or the paid edition. We used to add the message like 'Upgrade to the pro edition to edit' popup but we thought it annoyed to the user. In the next version we will add the tooltip message when user move the cursor over the link.

Ok. Thank you!

Amazing software you made, just is not so affordable for someone outside Usa.

Have a nice day.

There are several ways to get the paid edition without any cost such as translating MyCollab to your country language or give the really meaningful testimonial for MyCollab service. So if you contribute back to the MyCollab, you have a chance to get it free, the two ways benefit for both :)

Good information, thanks. i think i can help with the Spanish translation, i will take a look.

OK. Done. Please check: https://www.getlocalization.com/mycollab/

How can i get a my free paid edition?

Thanks. You just need contact our team at https://www.mycollab.com/contact