Not a bug

DMZ: private IP of Server is propagated instead og public one

xibeaga 4 years ago updated by gromph 2 years ago 7


I have to run my MyCollab in a DMZ.


The links are like this

instead of this:


how can I change this?

Thanks a lot!

Not a bug

You go to %MYCOLLAB_HOME/conf/mycollab.properties then change the value of server.address to the PUBLICSERVERIP. After restarting the server, it should work.

Ah, this does NOT WORK.

If I do so, then it is no longer reachable from inside :(

To be more clear: it IS a Bug!

so this is the bug:

you must not genereate links like "http://MYCOLLABIP/some/link.xyz"



in the latter case, the link is relative and stays correct and is independent from machine-IP

I solved the problem: i use kanboard now.

i am sorry.




I've found same problem.

My server have 2 ip. 1 public and 1 private.

The problem is our internal user cannot access public ip via internal network. Also, if they can, connection would be slower since access are redirected to outside network.

Variable server.address in file mycollab.properties only able to store one value.

Somehow I found a solution for this problem.

We need to change 3 variable value on mycollab.properties.

Default setting :

Change to :

This way app all links inside app will be dynamic.

Hope it helps :D

Thank you.

Thanks for your contribution. But I guess this solution doesn't work for the email. This value mostly be used for the email while we need the absolute url to provide links in email.

In case we need to have the public and internal IP, we'd like to use the reverse proxy like nginx when we route all requests from public to the internal mycollab process. It is what we are using for the cloud edition :).



Yes. True :D

So, I modified the email header to provide links to both public and internal ip.

User cannot use the links provided by app in link.

Other solution is using domain. Internal dns should able to redirect to internal ip address, and external dns should able to redirect to public ip address :D

Thank you.