Not a bug

DMZ: private IP of Server is propagated instead og public one

xibeaga 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 4


I have to run my MyCollab in a DMZ.


The links are like this

instead of this:


how can I change this?

Thanks a lot!

Not a bug

You go to %MYCOLLAB_HOME/conf/mycollab.properties then change the value of server.address to the PUBLICSERVERIP. After restarting the server, it should work.

Ah, this does NOT WORK.

If I do so, then it is no longer reachable from inside :(

To be more clear: it IS a Bug!

so this is the bug:

you must not genereate links like "http://MYCOLLABIP/some/link.xyz"



in the latter case, the link is relative and stays correct and is independent from machine-IP

I solved the problem: i use kanboard now.

i am sorry.