When Installing MyCollab, i'm receiving "Can not write the settings to the file system"

Kalpesh09 4 years ago updated by Nguyen 4 years ago 3

While Installing Mycollab after building the project in Idea Intellij, we are receiving a error when clicked on setup button. The error reads "Can not write the settings to the file system. "

All the permissions are provided to the complete Drive on which we need to install windows UAC is disabled as well.


We need the write permission of the current process for the conf folder. You should check whether the current user has the write permission to the folder %MYCOLLAB_HOME%/conf.

I might sound a bit silly, but i'm not sure which path is %MYCOLLAB_HOME%/conf. Is this the same folder Mycollab-config which it is trying to access. I have provided full access on both the drives where i stored the my collab source code and tried running the server from intellij. Can you please help me with this. Or is there any document which could help as i'm new to development and deployment.

If you run the application in the IntelliJ IDE so the problem should not be happened. I guess you already read this tutorial https://community.mycollab.com/docs/developing-mycollab/setup-mycollab-projects-with-intellij-ide/ but pay attention in the working directory $MODULE_DIR$ in the Run configuration. Does it help?