installing on xampp on subfolder

giugiu 11 months ago • updated by Nguyen 10 months ago 3

I tried to install community edition on my pc via xampp, the first problem is that I can't address localhost:8080 because I inserted the files on subdirectorys of xampp, so the subdirectory is mycollab, I tried also to change directory in configuration, but didn't work


The technology stack of MyCollab is Java + MySQL. It could be run on Windows, Unix or MacOS. I guess you have been talking about the different stack we can support? Please check our system requirements at https://community.mycollab.com/docs/hosting-mycollab-on-your-own-server/installing-mycollab/

Under windows and I have java and mysql under xampp (I created database)... But what address I have to digit if I insert on a subdirectory of htdocs? Please

The MyCollab running is not depended on the xampp, htdocs etc. That means you don't need to configure it with apache or any web server. You can read the MyCollab installation at https://community.mycollab.com/docs/hosting-mycollab-on-your-own-server/installing-mycollab/