Windows could not start the MyCollab5 on local Computer.

Konstantin 3 years ago updated by Nguyen 2 years ago 4

On windows logo error: The MyCollab5 service terminated with service-specific error The system cannot open the file..

Any Ideas how to fix this? 

System Windows 7 enterprise 64Bit

MyCollab5 Ver 5.4


Could you give me the error log message which the log file is at %MYCOLLAB_HOME%/logs/mycollab.out

Hi Hainguyen,

It is no  file  mycollab.out ,  I attached two file from logs directory MyCollab5.2017-10-09  and MyCollab5.2017-10-10 

Thank you for your help

MyCollab5.2017-10-10.log MyCollab5.2017-10-09.log



Hi Konstantin,

Did you solve the problem? I have the same issue with starting MyCollab5 service.



Are you using the latest MyCollab v6? Is there any issue in log file?