Project Files disappeared after latest release

Syrine Missaoui 5 years ago updated by Nguyen 5 years ago 1


I 'm using the non payable, last version (7.0.0) of MyCollab. I used to work with the 6.0.0 version and I had the possibility to store files under every project. I had a menu item named Files that I'm no longer seeing in this latest release Now, I have no access to my stored files. did you remove it or what did exactly happened  ?


You can get the latest MyCollab version 7.0.1 and you will get the new Files section, and new experience.

Yes, it is intended, because we have been changing a lot in the last MyCollab version, and we gradually to migrate the  MyCollab codebase. The Files module requires a lot of changes, and we release the rest modules without waiting then files later. Sorry for waiting.