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Alf 5 years ago updated by Nguyen 5 years ago 4


How do you do self-sign up?  When I click 'Create Account' it jumps to www.mycollab.com/pricing.



Are you running MyCollab on your own? You don't need to self-signup. After you install MyCollab, then you created the admin account and run it.

Yes. I am running on my own.  

I am looking for a self-sign up. I thought that the 'Create Account' will do that. Otherwise, the admin will have to do a lot of manual account registration which we want to avoid.

I guess the admin should do that. Otherwise, the self-signup must separate the workspace you with the existing workspace because of the security purpose. 

Tip: while waiting for the mass invitation from the next release, you can create a project, then invite all people by emails. In the specific project, we allow inviting many people by emails.

The new MyCollab release supports the bulk invitation. You can check it out