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I got an error while filling the setup assistant - Failed to bind properties under 'server.port' to int

anuragroy17 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 8

The following is the error during the initial setup of mycollab community:


Failed to bind properties under 'server.port' to int:

Property: server.port
Origin: "server.port" from property source "systemProperties"
Reason: failed to convert java.lang.String to int


Update your application's configuration

Under review

What is the port input you value? It should be a number such as 8080 or 9090, and you don't need to have special char like " or '

I have checked right now. The port no. is 8080 in application.properties. And it was automatically set. I didn't change anything.

any update on this?

Could you send me the application.properties file without any credential like database info?

Where can I send you the file?

My email hainguyen@mycollab.com

I had the same problem. It seems that the mycollab.bat script file refers server.port to the MYCOLLAB_PORT environment variable that is not defined in windows environment.

If you edit the script file and change the line

%_EXECJAVA% -jar executor.jar %* %MYCOLLAB_OPTS% -Dserver.port=%MYCOLLAB_PORT%


%_EXECJAVA% -jar executor.jar %* %MYCOLLAB_OPTS%

the var in application.properties file will be used.

I hope it helps

Thanks for the update. It worked for me.