Edition Model

csonon 8 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 1

I am a little confused with the edition model. In several places it is listed as community, premium and cloud. Other places it is listed as community, professional, and cloud. Are there two different middle versions (premium/professional)?

Is the professional level pricing also that of premium? Is it truly $30 a user per year? Will there be any other types of purchase plans for premium features? Have you thought about module pricing?

I am looking for community with only a couple of the features listed under the premium list, such as time tracking and performance boost.


Hi Csonon,

The premium software has more than features than the community which does not limit in time tracking and performance boost. Of course, you may only like time tracking only, that is fine but we only offer the other packages than time tracking plus our premium service to support the deploy, tuning, upgrade also bug fixing in timely manner as well. We do not provide the module pricing at the current time, probably we will implement it in the future.

The pricing model may not be reflected well since we are working on the new site but MyCollab is always have the competitive price to users. Could you please send the email to hainguyen@mycollab.com to discuss more detail your needs and we will offer the best solution for you. Thank you.

Best regards,

Hai Nguyen