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problem in installing MYCOllab

gajender reddy 5 years ago updated by Nguyen 5 years ago 5

Hi we are facing issue in installing. 

failed to bind properties under server.port

property: server.port


origin: "server.port" from property source "system properties"

reason: Failed  to convert java.lang.string to int


update your application's configuration

Under review

Did you change the server.port value? By default, its value is 8080. What is the OS you are using?

NO we didnt change any port...

do you use Windows?


windows 2012 server

Could you set the Mycollab port explicitly to the mycollab.bat file at %MYCOLLAB_HOME%/bin

set MYCOLLAB_PORT=8080 // or whatever port value you want

then rerun the MyCollab.