Task statuses should not limit in Open, Close choices

Bred Simons 9 years ago updated by Nguyen 8 years ago 5
I am using the MyCollab, and my team has trouble to manage our tasks properly. We are the software agency, and we manage multiple projects with our customers. We have many status of tasks such as under preview, developing, testing etc not only Open, In Progress and Closed. Could you let us can customize task status by ourselves and not depend on the hard-code list?

Under review

Nice suggestion! This feature is already in our todo list in the next sprint, and we definitely bring it to our users. Because there are several changes in our databases and localization so this feature is not presented after 3-4 weeks from now. I hope it does not impact much to your evaluation. If you have any further suggestions, please ask. Thank you.

Hai Nguyen
Hi Hai Nguyen,
MyCollab is great so far. Thank you for your hard working. I expect I can customize the task statuses in the admin site, in addition I remove a status, MyCollab then inform me can not remove if there is task has status identical with deleted one. If your app can do similar than my subscription, then I am happy to wait. Can we hope this feature is presented within 2 weeks?


Simons, we will. I added your feature request in our plan Product Updates

Hai Nguyen