User admin@mycollab.com is not existed in this domain

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I have installed MyCollab open source version on a ubuntu virtual server, according with installing procedures.

Everything went fine but after the installer send me to the login page I have this message "User admin@mycollab.com is not existed in this domain ". User admin@mycollab.com and the password admin123 don't work.

Also, when I'm trying to shutdown MyCollab from console I get these messages;

[main] INFO com.esofthead.mycollab.Executor - Kill MyCollab server process

[main] ERROR com.esofthead.mycollab.Executor - Error while send RELOAD request to the host process java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused

Mar 03, 2016 3:54:12 PM com.vaadin.server.communication.PushHandler$1 run

WARNING: Invalid CSRF token in new connection received from

Please help with some advice.

Thank you!


Is it the first time you install MyCollab?

This use case usually happens when you install the MyCollab before, change the root user/password then later you install the new MyCollab version in the different folder. MyCollab only upgrades the database and maintain the current user list. So after install success, it asks to use the username admin@mycollab.com/admin123 but actually the root user is changed before. To be sure, you recreate the MyCollab database and run MyCollab installer again and tell me whether the issue is still happens.


Hai Nguyen

Under review

It seems you are using the auto-upgrade process? And it is problem when upgrade to the new version?

This is the first time I have installed MyCollab.

What should I do in this case?

Thank you!


It is the strange issue. For fastest fix this issue, you can contact to me in skype name esofthead. We are working on the slack platform to help answer request quickly.

Hai Nguyen