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Yes. True :D

So, I modified the email header to provide links to both public and internal ip.

User cannot use the links provided by app in link.

Other solution is using domain. Internal dns should able to redirect to internal ip address, and external dns should able to redirect to public ip address :D

Thank you.


I've found same problem.

My server have 2 ip. 1 public and 1 private.

The problem is our internal user cannot access public ip via internal network. Also, if they can, connection would be slower since access are redirected to outside network.

Variable server.address in file only able to store one value.

Somehow I found a solution for this problem.

We need to change 3 variable value on

Default setting :

Change to :

This way app all links inside app will be dynamic.

Hope it helps :D

Thank you.


thank you very much :D

oh...i just check mycollab website. And found that there is a new version (5.4.10).

If i upgrade to that version, will it solve the issue ?

Thank you very much.

I use version 5.3.4. Is there any newer version ?

Thank you very much.