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If you use the gmail, then you can not just enter gmail  and its password. You should use an App password as this link instructs

With other email than gmail, then you should consult the email provider to fix this issue

We don't support the custom field yet.

You are right! We start using Spring boot on version 6.0. With this version, you only have the option to use reverse proxy as above. I prefer to use the reverse proxy because it is lightweight and easy to install

Yes, you can. MyCollab is a spring boot application, and you simply config the Spring boot HTTPS like this article The config file is located at %MYCOLLAB_HOME%/config

You can setup nginx as the reverse proxy in front of MyCollab, and setup HTTPS with nginx.

Thanks for reporting. The issue is fixed now.

I don't know what is that file? Contact me if you need me to take a look on your PC

Problem solved. I will update the script on Windows, there are many java editions varieties though! Thanks for reporting issue

install the team viewer, send the access code to my email